Rainwater Tanks

Water Tank

Water Tank



FNW have a great range of Rain Water Tanks available for Home Storage, on the Farm or Commercial and Industrial storage. All of our tanks are strong, durable and able to endure Australia’s harsh sun and weather conditions. Our series of Tanks will not rust or corrode and can withstand impact, our Tanks are built to last. With 24 designer colours to choose from you can be sure to match your tank to your home or building materials.


We have multiple designs to accommodate each person’s needs and location:

  • Large & Extra Large Corrugated Rainwater Tank
  • Large & Extra Large Smooth Sided Rainwater Tank
  • Pipeline tank
  • Small Corrugated Rainwater Tank
  • Small Smooth Sided Rainwater Tank
  • Slimline Rainwater Tanks
  • Urban Wave Slimline Rainwater Tank
  • Cone Bottom Tanks
  • Industrial Tank
  • Large Full Drain Tank
  • Liquid Storage Trailers

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